Dog Boarding in Orlando

Vacation Destination

As most of you are aware, Orlando is one of the largest vacation destinations in the world.  Those of us who live here do not appreciate the fact that millions of people visit this city each year.  There are two main reasons that people come to Orlando.  #UniversalOrlandoResort @universalORL and #DisneyWorld.  Many of you may have an annual pass to one or another, but when it comes to our vacations, we cannot wait to get out of Orlando and away from the crowds.  Am I right?  However, when we make plans to go away, we have to figure out what to do with our 4-legged fur babies.  There are many travel destinations that are not dog friendly, therefore we face a decision…do we put our dog in #dogboardingfacility or hire a #petsitter?  if you are like me, a few blogs back I introduced you to my pack, so many personalities and eating habits, would they be well cared for in a #dogboarding facility.  Would they be able to stay together like they are at home?  And would they be closely watched?  These are questions that any pet parent worries about when they have a large pack.  Today I will address dog boarding in Orlando.

Dog Boarding

In Orlando, there are several places that you are able to board your dog while you are away.  I will go with the two that I know fairly well since I worked at both of them.  There are numerous #dogboarding places in Orlando, but these are the two that I would recommend if you were going to go that route.

Orlando Canine Country Club Website


Photo credit: Orlando Canine Country Club

  1.  Orlando Canine Country Club (OCCC)- Voted #1 in dog boarding and daycare several years in a row by Orlando’s A List

  They are conveniently located about 3 miles from the Orlando International Airport.  #OCCC offers something that none of their competitors can even come close to…7-half hour outdoor play times per day for each group of dogs in their care included in the one overnight price.There are no extra charges here for outdoor play, medications, or one on one time.  Dogs are put into groups by size, and sometimes temperament, and are exercised regularly throughout the day by the animal loving staff.  The rooms are spacious and clean and they have these great rooms called Caddie Shacks that have webcams and actual beds for the dogs.  My pack could all fit quite comfortably in one of these Caddie Shacks, if they could all share a bed!  They have an in ground pool with zero entry for those dogs who would rather wade in than jump, and a 1/2 acre back yard full of fun items to play with including tennis balls and obstacle course items.  There is something for dogs of all sizes!  The back yard has four webcams as well so  you can watch your pooch while out in group play!  This is a great environment for dogs with good social skills, who love playing with other dogs.  All dogs are given a temperament test before boarding to ensure that they are able to get along with others in group play.  To set up an appointment to see the facility, contact OCCC   here.

Check out their virtual tour here!

Or check out their webcams here!

The Driving Range.JPG-8b9c106d

Photo Credit Orlando Canine Country Club

2.  The second place that I would like to give you information on is Pet Paradise Resort. Website here

pet paradise

Photo Credit: Pet Paradise Resort

#PetParadiseResort is conveniently located about 2 miles from Orlando International Airport.  They have rooms up off the floor for the smaller dogs, larger rooms for bigger dogs. They also have an in ground pool for the dogs, however, this location is an all indoor facility, with two play areas both of which are inside.  The room with the pool is large and spacious with plenty of room for the dogs to run around, there is no zero entry.  The second room for play does have artificial turf and some play equipment.  In my opinion, and all indoor facility leaves a lot to be desired, however, in the scheme of things, the #PetParadiseResort is the second choice for this blogger.  The dogs get 3 play times a day, there and additional play times can be purchased.  They have VIP suites for an upcharge, these include automatic waterers, TV’s, webcams, and raised beds.  The rooms are relatively small and could not comfortably hold my pack.  I would have to do two VIP suites to hold my pack comfortably.  You can view their webcams live here.

And take a virtual tour of the facility HERE

If you would like more information on #PetParadiseResort click here

These are my choices…

With so many dog boarding places to choose from, these two are my top picks for Orlando. 1.  Because of their location in relevance to the airport and 2. because they offer the most for your money with clean and comfortable rooms for your pack as well as Play time.   I have visited several other facilities in Orlando, and while some may be fine for some people, I do believe these two to be the best.  Some that I visited, had only a VERY small patches of grass where they would walk the dogs 1 at a time and offered very small inside play areas.  Those of you following, know that 1 of my fur babies weighs in about 125 pounds and another about 80, they need space to move!

Some things to help you decide…

  • Pet sitters will have only your dog (unless they are sitting in their home where they may have a few others)
  • Pet sitters will try to follow your schedule the best they can
  • Pets will not have their daily routines upset
  • Pets will remain in the home if you so choose and will feel more comfortable with someone coming into their home
  • If your dog is very social and loves other dogs, boarding may be a lot of fun for them
  • If your dog is not social, they will be anxious and nervous and boarding will not be much fun for them
  • Boarding or sitting is a choice that only you (and your pets) can make

Make the best decision based on you and YOUR PETS needs.  Have you used  #dogboarding? Or do you choose a #petsitter for your home?  Why or why not? Comment below…

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Blogging…tweeting…posting…oh my!

In today’s world, it seems like everyone has a blog.  Every person who has ever done any type of pet sitting has a blog.  The question is, what are the best practices for having a blog or twitter page?

Pet sitting has gone to the dogs…

Myself, I prefer to work with dogs, they are more receptive to human attention and would prefer to spend more time with humans, rather than sitting for cats or other types of animals, who are more independent and prefer to spend their time by themselves or relaxing in the sun, and do not need human interaction as much as their canine counterparts.   I have watched dogs and cats, and there have been times that I have made sure food and water for the cats is available, the food and water disappear  during my stay, but I never SEE the cat(s).  Therefore, I just refill the food and water, clean the mysteriously dirty litter box, and make sure they have the necessities to live, even if they won’t let me pet them.   Some pet sitters prefer to spend their time caring for other animals, cats, fish, birds, or reptiles these do not offer me much in the way of companionship or fun, so I prefer to spend my time with dogs.

With some reading I have figured out a few best practices to use when utilizing #smm for your #petsitting business. 

Best Practices…

  1.  Post consistently-people need to know that you are an active user on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and by posting consistently, they are always seeing something from you on their timelines, or feeds.
    1. I am certain that I have not been posting near enough stuff, so I will ensure to post more things, include more hashtags, and all around try to get more interaction from those that view my blog, Facebook, or Twitter pages.
  2. Use words and pictures-Use the fun you are having with a clients pets and showcase them in your #sm.  Some people feel that you should ask permission before posting photos of their pets on #sm, if this is the case, include it in your contract, and they will either be able to say yes or no.
    1. All of my clients are ok with me posting pictures of their dogs on my Facebook page, I will also implement it into my new contract in order to ensure that I have explicit permission to use the photos at my leisure.  For the most part everyone always loves to see my fun with their babies so I am sure that there will not be too many issues.
  3. Share trending articles-Its National Bring your pet to work day!  What are you going to do?  Dress up your pup?  Stay at home because your pet is a spaz and is not fit for public viewing?  Share these things with your clients and keep them informed.
    1. This is one thing that I do fairly regularly with my Facebook page, however, I am sure that there is much more that I can do.  I am always trying to share things that I feel are relevant to my dogs and their families.  Each Thanksgiving I always post what is and is not good for dogs to eat during dinner.


Photo Credit

In my reading I have found that many #petsitters have utilized #sm to boost their reputation as well as to be in touch with their clients.  According to Powell, 2011

“Marketers need to work for both short-term and long-term success. In
the short term, they must help the company make the numbers for this
week, this month and this quarter. In the long term, they must put the
company in a position to make the numbers next quarter and next year.
This can be done only with a valid foundation of marketing ROI- there
is no other method.”

Being a small business, there are not any actual projections or reports to file yet, however, noticeable improvements in the number of dogs I sit and the number of days I watch a particular dog are all noticeable improvements on my ROI.

Noticeable Improvements

I have already seen noticeable improvements on my ROI, I have more people noticing my blog posts, more people being drawn to my Facebook page, and more people following me on Twitter since beginning this class.  I have yet to book any new clients, but i am hopeful that I will very soon.  With the summer holidays right around the corner, I am hoping to be busy this summer. 

Moving on to another subject close to my heart, preventing dog bites is so important especially when it comes to children.  Many children do not know the proper way to approach or play with dogs,  I found the below blog with some helpful information and a great YouTube video.

This week is dog bite prevention week!

Bite Prevention Tips

Also found this video amusing but also very true, and Jimmy the dog has many videos on dog bite safety on YouTube.

Important Summer dog tips!

  2. Exercise your pet early in the morning or later in the evening when it is cooler.
  3. Use doggie boots to protect your pets feet from the hot pavement if you must be out during the heat of the day.
  4. Watch for signs of dehydration- Dogs can’t sweat. They cool off by panting, so an overheated dog will drool excessively. It will become lethargic, its eyes will be bloodshot, and it may appear a little pale. If you lift its skin, it will take longer than usual for the skin to fall back into place.  ALWAYS PROVIDE PLENTY OF FRESH WATER FOR YOUR DOGS.
  5. Find innovative ways to cool your dog…no air conditioning… set up a kiddie pool in the shade of a tree
  6. Dogs cool from the bottom up so be sure that you are cooling the feet and tummy when hosing your dog off if they are overheated
  7. Let your dog dig-this may seem unconventional, however, the dirt is cooler down below than it is on the top and your dog may resort to finding his own way to avoid the heat. Dog in nature dig their dens not out of frustration but to find food, hide, give birth–or keep cool! If it’s possible, locate a shady area where it’s okay for your dog to dig.
  8. Allow your dog to check the weather-one short step out the door and the dogs instincts will kick in and he/she will know they have to shorten their walk or they may just come back inside where its safe.
  9. Swim more…walk less-The best activity you can do in summertime or hot weather is swimming. Instead of walking the dog, take the dog on a swim! If you hold on and allow your dog to take you around the pool, it becomes a powerful bonding experience for the two of you, similar to the walk.

Dog sitting or dog boarding, what is your choice?  Leave me a comment below, or share a picture of your pooch!


To Be…or not to be…Social

To be…or not to be…Social

When you are a dog lover, the word social has an entirely different meaning than what most these days consider social.  In today’s society, the word “social” media to me has relatively little “social” aspect and is more about hiding behind a screen pretending to be someone you are not.  When you are dog lover, being social means going to dog parks, meeting other dog lovers, meeting new dogs, and finding new and exciting adventures for you and your canine companion to go on every weekend.  Whether it be a new hiking trail or a new park with a LAKE for them to swim in.  But in today’s society, you have to be on social media in order to be “social” and in order to spread the word that you love dogs and just want to spend all your time with them.

dogs 2

In #dogsitting, as with any industry, utilizing #smm can either be the best, or the worst thing that you do for your company.  There are several risks and challenges associated with #dogsitting that are probably not an issue with many brands. Today I will discuss some of these challenges and risks with either taking the brand social or remaining offline and not becoming social.

Becoming social…

Probably the biggest risk for any business is that something will get posted that you do not want others to see.  This can be really bad for business.  In the #dogsitting business, if people see you being mean (heaven forbid)  to a dog (labeled a #doghater) that you are watching, or even hear something negative, they may take a video of you and/or post something on the internet for others to see.  This could potentially be disastrous for your business.  If you are a very small business like myself, it could mean the end of your business.  If people even perceive that you might even possibly be mean to their dog, they are never going to hire you to watch their dogs.  However, on the flip side, when you meet people at a dog park and are actively playing with the dog you are sitting, people will start a conversation and eventually it will come out that you are just the dog sitter, and they more inclined to want you to watch their dogs.  I always post photos of myself and my clients on my Facebook page, so that 1) their owners know that we are having a good time while they are away, and 2) so that others can see what I am up to while the owners are away.  I will sometimes post live videos of our walks, and if they get too boring, I will make them short.  I may take a video of us at the dog park playing, or just sniffing everything on our walks, or pictures of meeting other pups on our walks.  I also share a lot of dog related things on my Facebook page, some helpful information for everyone who follows me on Facebook, it may be an article i found interesting, or a bunch of cute photos, or even a cartoon that tickled me at the time about dogs.   All of these things show the customers, or potential customers that I am a fun, dog loving, pet sitter!

Another, issue and one that I have experienced personally is that I have created a social presence, but nobody is sharing content, or participating in discussions.   On my Facebook page, I can see some information on how many people that I have reached, I rarely get comments on my photos and never get a share.  Maybe I should encourage those who see and read the posts to share or comment in order to keep my feed in the timeline.  I will try that in the future.

 What are you sharing?

Image result for risks with taking your brand to social media

Photo Credit:Exite Home Security

There are several negative  consequences to social media as well as a negative image, many people have lost their jobs, not gotten jobs, not gotten into the college of their choice, or even been turned down for mortgages due to what they post on their social media profiles.  People sometimes forget, once you put it on the internet, there is NO getting it back.

Image result for risks with taking your brand to social media


A few articles of bad publicity…

Lost Dog and other Disasters

Vets view on pet sitting

4 horrific pet sitters and how to avoid them

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Check out your pet sitters Facebook profile as well as their business page
  • Like what you see?  Send a private message to some of the people who have left reviews, most people will be more than happy to tell you about a great sitter!
  • Not like what you are finding?  Better keep looking, trust your gut when it comes to your pup.
  • Does the person you are checking out appear to be a genuine dog lover?
  • Is there profile timeline have things with dogs as well as their business page?

Comment, post, share…

What are your thoughts?  Have you ever hired an in home pet sitter?  What were your experiences?  Are you for or against having someone in your home taking care of your pets?

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Paws-a-itively Drooling over Apps

Meet the Pack…

Above, I would like to introduce you all to my pack, well my pack back in January.  Left to right, Lea is an American Bred Bull Terrier and probably the only full-blooded dog in the pack.  She passed shortly after this picture was taken, but was loved dearly by everyone in our family and has been missed dearly in the last few months(especially since her pictures show up in my #facebookmemories nearly every day).  Cici is a Rhodesian Ridgeback(probably a mix) we rescued from @buddiesforlife at @Petsmart one day.  Cici loves to run and chase a tennis ball.  Athena is next, I call her a Daldog, (Dalmatian/bulldog mix) and is the newest addition to the pack.  She is very energetic and loves chasing basically anything that moves, from the reflection of her collar to the shadow from your foot on the floor.  Boudreaux is the last in line, on this day, we were celebrating his 7th Birthday.  Boudreaux is a Dogue De Bordeaux (or a mix thereof) and is super lazy, relaxed and doesn’t really like to chase anything.  However, recently he has been playing more with Athena.  Below is a picture of him enjoying his #birthdaycookie.  We had him a little #birthdaypawty


Choosing a sitter…

How on earth can I be expected to choose a #dogsitter for this pack with all these personalities?  Cici and Boudreaux do not trust anyone they first meet #trustissues, so I could not choose based on them, and Athena and Lea LOVE(D) EVERYONE #nofear! With these typse of personalities, I would know that it would be up to me to find someone to care for them should the need arise #allthesechoices.  Choosing a dog sitter can be a daunting experience, and sometimes downright scary.  How are you to choose someone that you can rely on to take care of your babies, make sure they are fed correctly, make sure they get any necessary medications, and trust them to take care of your home as well.  Many people rely on people that they know recommending someone they have used and trust.  There are several apps out there that can narrow down the choices, but ultimately, you have to find someone who you trust with your fur baby (babies) #furbabies and your home…

Dog Sitter Apps for Iphone

I with the help of the internet, have come up with a list of the most popular dog sitting apps for the Iphone.

DogVacay is one such popular app that allows for people to search for dog sitters in the area, read reviews, and even schedule meet and greets with potential dog sitters.  It will as well recommend pet friendly places to visit while you are on vacation. has an app as well that will let you put in certain search criteria and find a dog/pet sitter in your area. charges the pet sitters on their websites to have profiles on their pages and offers peace of mind to clients by offering things like easy payments, and insurance on the dogs in your care.

Pawsmate is another app that is available to help you search for dog sitters, dog walkers, trainers, cleaning services and much more. is another website/app that allows the user to sign up and be able to search for pet sitters and also baby sitters and senior or elderly sitters as well. has a website where one can sign up and have an easy way to pay and also track any taxes you should be paying as well.

These apps are all very handy and can direct a flow of traffic to your website/blog/Facebook page etc and having more traffic, in essence you should eventually get a larger #customerbase.

More customers=success measured

Reaching more clients, can and will eventually lead to having a larger #customerbase.  By watching the days on your calendar get booked and the growth in income from your dog sitting business, you will be able to measure growth quite easily.  Happy customers will tell their friends, write positive reviews on your pages, and call you again and again when they travel, these things will bring in new clients as well. of Seattle on Thursday announced a $25 million investment, bringing its total funding to more than $50 million. (Charlotte Observer, March, 2015) According to this article, in the pet sitting and dog walking business “Our biggest competitors today are friends and family and the local kennel,” friends and family seem to be our biggest competition as they will watch a friends or neighbors dogs for free, thus cutting the cost of travel for the pet owner.

Pet Sitter Startups the next success?

Who makes good dog sitter?

A few things to look for in a petsitter….

  • Friendly
  • Fun Loving
  • Calm
  • Respectful
  • Trustworthy
  • Sensitive
  • Flexible
  • Consistent
  • Reliable
  • Genuine Dog Lover (trust me you can tell)
  • Make a connection with your dog immediately

How do you measure your ROI on social media?  Comment below…


Social Media and Dog Sitting

 What social media tools do I use?

Social media comes in handy in helping to grow your business…so I have heard…however, I have  not had much luck in growing my small business in the 5 or so years that I have been doing this.  I have primarily relied on word of mouth and my Facebook page in order for my business to grow.   I have run promotions where if a guest refers a new client to me then they earn a free night a few times.  However, in my #snhusmm class, I have realized that I may  have to do a bit more than just trust my clients to tell their friends about me.  I have started to utilize Twitter @doublespets and now this blog posting as well.

There really is an app for that!

There are several apps out there that could be used in order to promote my business fully.  One such website/app would be Where you can sign up to be a #petsitter.  There are SO many pet sitters on this page, how would one choose?  Being on does offer you and your clients a peace of mind.  They offer secure and automatic payments, insurance on dogs in your care, 24/7 support and a variety of other things.  However, if you read through the fine print, they also take 20% of your earnings in order to provide those things.  So is this a viable option for someone trying to grow a business.  Of course it is!  However, unlike some people, I have already established a trusted relationship with several families and have several 5* reviews on my Facebook page.  I do not offer any insurance for the dogs, but the people who I sit for know that I spend tons of time with just their dog, we play, we eat, we walk, we have treats, and the clients get plenty of photos to prove that while they are away (giving them peace of mind). This is not an option that I am willing to pay someone to provide for me.  When I first started out, I did sign up on and I did not really get many hits or new clients from it, therefore, I ended up closing that account.

How do I utilize social media to grow my business?

I am trying to ask myself 2 questions, where do I spend most of my time in social media?  And, Where do my potential clients spend most of their time?  I have heard and read that posting the same thing on all social media platforms is a good idea, but should one really post something different yet still interesting on all platforms?  Maybe just changing a little for each post?  These are questions not so easily answered.  I will have to go with what I am learning in my #snhusmm class and say that posting the same things across multiple platforms would be the best

Unfortunately, dog/pet sitting have no tried and true method to generate #moreclients, however, if we are to utilize each social media platform to the best of our ability, we should expect to see more #customergrowth in our future.

Benefits of pet sitting?

Your pet gets:

  • Their regular diet and routine in an environment they are comfortable in
  • Less stress than traveling to and staying in an unfamiliar place  (such as a boarding or a kennel). 
  • Fun and exercise
  • Someone who loves them like their own
  • Attention while you’re away.

You get:

  • Happier friends and neighbors, who aren’t burdened with caring for your pet.
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pet is being cared for by a professional.
  • Someone to bring in your newspaper and mail
  • Someone who will come to your home
  • Other services provided by most pet sitters

What are your suggestions on how to best utilize social media to grow a business?  Have you done this?  Comment below…

Double S Pets-The Beginning

Welcome to Double S Pets!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let everyone know how Double S Dog sitting came into business.  It was not something that I set out to do, it kind of fell into my lap and because I was very good at it, it became a passion and then a VERY #smallbusiness.  There was no #socialmediamarketing done except starting a facebook page for the #smallbusiness and using it to keep in touch with my clients while they were away.

How it all began…

I happened to be working for a #DogBoarindgandDaycare (@orlandocaninecc) facility in #Orlando, and some of our best clients were trying to book in over the Christmas holiday.  Unfortunately for them, we were completely sold out during that time.  My boss advised these clients, whose dogs I absolutely adored (they were my favorites actually), that I could come to their home and watch their dogs for them while they were on vacation.  They already loved me and were more than willing to let me come and stay in their home and take care of their dogs for a week while they were away And thus Double S Pet Sitting started.  Soon word of mouth spread in one particular neighborhood, and I was off and running as a #smallbusiness of #dogsitting, with no idea what I was doing or how to make it succeed, I just went with the flow.  Finally about 5 or so years later, I have decided to get serious about it and make a go of it.  By utilizing several #socialmediamarketing tools I plan to grow my business to a steady income.

Building takes tools…

Some of the tools that I plan to use for my #socialmedia campaign are the use of Twitter, Facebook, and this blog.   I have recently started a page on Twitter @doublespets and will be doing more posting and sharing within this medium.  I have had a Facebook page for years for the business but have not been utilizing it to its full potential, I do plan to implement more hashtags, and @ symbols into my posts in order to further engage a larger audience other than those on my friends list.  And also post things that I find interesting topics for my clients.  I am hoping to draw in some new customers in this way.  I will utilize this blog to let people know what is happening @doublespets, when I have to hire more help, I will introduce them to my audience via all three mediums, that way my followers will know who will be taking care of their pets, if it is not me.

The power of the #


Photo Credit: Digital Marketing Phillipines

Hashtags see to be a way of life now and utilizing them for a business will benefit the business in the long run.  You do have to be careful how you use hashtags and to not OVERUSE them.  Twitter is being utilized more and more for businesses, creating hashtags, which then creates a clickable link to various postings on the subject, you can find virtually anything just by clicking on a hashtag.  According to 5 Brilliant ways to use hashtags in social media it wasn’t until 2009 when the hashtag became ever popular during a fire in San Diego.  And now “the world’s top brands have adopted the use of hashtags almost completely”.  Amazing how that can turn around in just 8 years.  Just think of what I can accomplish with some clarity of purpose…and a few hashtags!


  •  Dog sitters can come to your home and follow your schedule with your pet, not disrupting any training that they currently have.
  •  Dog sitters will have access to your home…make sure it is someone you can trust.
  •  Dog sitters can also be responsible for your home while you are away..choose wisely.
  • Dog sitters should leave your home in a clean and orderly manner if they are staying in your home, Dog sitters should NOT leave a mess for you to clean when you get home.
  • Your dog should LOVE the dog sitter as much if not more than the parents.
  • Less chance of your dog being injured in a dog fight (happens at boarding facilities)
  • Dog sitters can be more personal than a dog boarding facility

Do you have a favorite # that you use in every post?  Or are you like me and still in the dark for the most part when it comes to #’s?

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