Dog of the Week-Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Pictures

Labrador Retrievers!

What is there NOT to say about a Lab?  Anyone who has ever owned a lab may never  own a different breed of dog.  Labs are smart, loyal, lovable, and will do whatever they can to please their owners.  Labs come in three colors like the ones pictured above.  The American Kennel Club standards for the breed allow three colors: black, chocolate and yellow. Blacks are all black, although a spot of white on the chest is permissible. Chocolate Labs range from light to dark chocolate brown, while yellow Labs range from fox-red to light cream. Yellow Lab coats also might appear golden, causing them to become confused with the golden retriever, which is a separate breed, each color has their own unique characteristics….or do they?  Some may agree or disagree

choc lab

Chocolate Labs

The crazy ones of the breed.  These dogs are high energy and require tons of exercise.  Although they are loyal, they are also retrievers and love a good game of fetch!  All Labs love swimming and have webbed toes to make them excellent swimmers.

Image result for lab webbed toes

With this webbing also comes the issue of yeast infections between the toes. 

Image result for lab toes yeast infection

If your lab is a swimmer, make sure to thoroughly dry between their toes to prevent yeast infections.  Ear infections are also common in Labs, due to a lot of swimming, moisture builds up in the ears.  Regular cleaning of the ears and ensuring they are dry  just like the feet, will keep your lab healthy.

Yellow Labs

Remember Marley and Me, the movie with Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson?  To me this is the perfect example of a yellow lab!  Yellow labs are strong willed and stubborn.  Each yellow lab  that I have met in my life have been that way.  Dragging their owners down the street during walks, running off when they got the chance, so many behavioral issues.  Yellow labs take a strong willed human to care for them, and someone who is more stubborn and determined than they are.

Image result for Marley and Me

With that being said, like any lab, they are great family animals and with the right training, can be great family dogs.  Remember to always be the Alpha with a yellow lab, as they need direction and do well when you are the leader.

Black Labs

The more docile of the group are the black labs.  They are more laid back and easy going.  They are easily trained and willing to help.  Unlike the other 2 a black lab is just as comfortable lounging around with his human as running around the dog park.  Like the other labs, they do have high energy and require a good amount of exercise to be kept healthy and active.  But they are just as happy to spend the weekend on the couch cuddling with their human!

Image result for black labs

Black labs all seem to have these tender and loving eyes, that sparkle with excitement when they are about they are up to mischief.  But the eyes always have a sad look to them, like they are deep in thought and you can see into their soul, even as puppies.

Image result for black labs Image result for black labs

Have you ever owned a lab?  What is your color of choice?  Would you own another?  If so, what color would you choose this time?  The same color you have already had, or something different?





4 thoughts on “Dog of the Week-Labrador Retriever

  1. I have 2 Black Lab mixes. They are exactly as you described. They love to cuddle and run around the park. Their eyes are a reflection into their soul. I would get labs again and would get black labs again in a heartbeat. They are loveable, loyal, friendly and very affectionate. If you don’t like being the center of attention when walking them, don’t get labs because they love people and attract people to them like magnets.

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  2. Great advice thanks. Especially feet cleaning. Dudley, our chocolate lab is part dog parr fish so very useful….


    1. Thank you, yest can be a nuisance.

      Liked by 1 person

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