Before you JUMP in and get a dog consider this…

diving dogs

First things first, getting a dog is a lifetime

and lifestyle commitment.

With so many breeds of dogs, how can you possibly know what type of dog is a good fit for you, your family, your lifestyle?  One thing to keep in mind is, a dog adopted is yours for life, it is very traumatic for a dog to be taken home and then returned to a shelter, if you adopt, please be in it for the long haul.  There may be issues and you have to be willing to teach your dog to trust again.  Someone he/she loved dropped them at the shelter, so their ability to trust you may take months to accomplish, but trust me it is totally worth the effort in the end! 

There are many valuable resources available for dog lovers to help them choose the right breed of dog to fit each of these categories and more.

Direct Links

Last week in Bathing…Or Grooming? I linked you to this page Various Dog Breeds for a different reason, and that was to share a group of dogs that need more grooming than others.  However, this site also provides a few details on what the breed is like if you click on one of the pictures.  If you have an idea of what breed of dog you would like, click on it and see if the dog has characteristics that you are looking for in a companion.

The American Kennel Club (#AKC) has a page with a quiz you can take to see if they can match you with a breed.  When I filled out the quiz , it gave me a list of a bunch of dogs, and then provides you a link to search for puppies.  Take the quiz for yourself and see what you get and share your results in the comments below.

Find a dog for you Quiz!

My Results

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My Results


Helpful Tips from the Humane Society on Choosing a dog

Dogtime dog Quiz

My Results



Pedigree Dog selector quiz

My Results


In a previous post, Paws-a-itively Drooling over Apps I introduced you all to my pack, in that pack are a Mastiff, a Ridgeback, a bulldog mix, and a bull terrier, if you remember correctly.  As  you can see, I chose dogs that these quizzes seem to think are right for me on at least 3 occasions!

Selection is Key

The type of dog that most people choose, should fit well into your lifestyle as well as your family.  While some dogs may be great with small children, they also may be higher in the energy department and require more adult attention.  They may knock a baby over in their eagerness to be close to the child or forget that they child is smaller than them and accidentally knock them down.  Children should be supervised closely when in the presence of any dog. 

If your family is on the go, choose a dog that will like to go with you, hiking, swimming, running, sporting events, dogs need an active social life as well in order to be well mannered.  Start with them at a young age, to avoid any fears associated with strangers.  Some dogs are naturally energetic and will jump on you or your family, some will just want to give puppy kisses ALL the time.

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Whatever type of dog you choose, be sure that the dog is loved, sheltered, safe, loved, happy, loved, exercised, and most of all loved, and they will do their best to be your very best friend.  All dogs do their best to please their owners, so be sure that you are sending very clear signals to your dog as to what you want them to do, then everyone is on the same page and nobody goes away dissatisfied.  🙂

Key Takeaways…

Clicking on the above link to be directed to the AKC webstie which will show you the types of dogs in that category as well as the characteristics of each breed!  Good luck in your search and let me know what you decide!


13 thoughts on “Before you JUMP in and get a dog consider this…

  1. Great resource! Love it. I’m going to click the link and find out what dog will suit for me 😬 Or should I say if I will be suitable for the dog I picked. Great job!


  2. You picked a dog! Excellent please share a photo!


  3. This is great information for people who are trying to decide which breed to get. Our Brady is a Jack Russell Terrier Mix (don’t know what the mix is as he’s a rescue pup) and he in not for someone who wants to sit on the couch all the time (active dog). He is also the sweetest, most loving doggie, who loves to cuddle and actually “spoons” with me sleeping at night. Love him!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Take one of the quizzes and see if jack Russell comes up! I’m curious to see if it is as accurate for everyone else as it was for me


  5. Great information! I used quizzes in my dog search so I’m glad you are sharing these resources. I ended up going with an active family friendly dog that I’ll be able to take with me to most of my weekend activities!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is awesome Allie, what kind of dog did you choose? I love all breeds and do not have a single bone of discrimination in my body! I own a pit bull and a mastiff so…always curious! Feel free to post a pic of your pooch!


      1. We got a shepherd mix from his coloring we are pretty sure he has some German shepherd in him. We think he may have some hound or lab in him as well but not to sure. He is a rescue and we don’t know much about where he was before except he was picked up in Florida? Then brought to Maine. Excited to see how he does with snow this coming winter.


      2. Shephards are very smart dogs, they will learn as much from your behavior as they will from any training. I once has a GS that simply because I locked the door on a particular night (which I never did(lived in a small town 1 block from the police station)) would not let me go to sleep until i let her sleep between me and the door of my bedroom! All because I heard a weird noise and was home alone and decided to lock the door. Great choice! Was German Shepard on your list when you took the quizzes?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It was not on my list I got breeds I had never heard of. Which I think it’s because we live in an apartment building but that breed is on my own personal list of breeds I love. It’s really because of how loyal they are. I grew up with labs so I’m use to active dogs.


      4. Absolutely, GS are very loyal, try to make sure that both you and your significant other play an important role in his life that way he will not be more loyal to one than the other (unless you want him to love you more) LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yeah I have noticed he sometimes clings to me a little more been trying to have him give equal time with his snuggles since we both walk him daily I have noticed he will trade off when he cuddles with who. Funny how much dogs have personalities well pets in general.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I could not agree with you more! Again I have no bias where dogs are concerned, I LOVE them all! Small, Large (favorites) or medium, size does not matter the only thing that matters is temperament! Be sure to keep him socialized with other dogs, GS are prone to anxiety, so plenty of exercise as well as time to play with others his size and temperament! Keeping him active will help with anxiety, but he needs socialization with other dogs as well so you can take him all the places you want to go!

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Our building is so dog friendly every trip out we meet a new dog! We have noticed some separation anxiety but we got some treat toys and a spray that has helped so much with that (I lost a laptop charger figuring out what works). We try to take him out on adventures with us weather it’s just to family events or to a local dog friendly business (a lot in Maine!). Hoping to get him running with me soon!

        Liked by 1 person

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