Paws-a-itively Drooling over Apps

Meet the Pack…

Above, I would like to introduce you all to my pack, well my pack back in January.  Left to right, Lea is an American Bred Bull Terrier and probably the only full-blooded dog in the pack.  She passed shortly after this picture was taken, but was loved dearly by everyone in our family and has been missed dearly in the last few months(especially since her pictures show up in my #facebookmemories nearly every day).  Cici is a Rhodesian Ridgeback(probably a mix) we rescued from @buddiesforlife at @Petsmart one day.  Cici loves to run and chase a tennis ball.  Athena is next, I call her a Daldog, (Dalmatian/bulldog mix) and is the newest addition to the pack.  She is very energetic and loves chasing basically anything that moves, from the reflection of her collar to the shadow from your foot on the floor.  Boudreaux is the last in line, on this day, we were celebrating his 7th Birthday.  Boudreaux is a Dogue De Bordeaux (or a mix thereof) and is super lazy, relaxed and doesn’t really like to chase anything.  However, recently he has been playing more with Athena.  Below is a picture of him enjoying his #birthdaycookie.  We had him a little #birthdaypawty


Choosing a sitter…

How on earth can I be expected to choose a #dogsitter for this pack with all these personalities?  Cici and Boudreaux do not trust anyone they first meet #trustissues, so I could not choose based on them, and Athena and Lea LOVE(D) EVERYONE #nofear! With these typse of personalities, I would know that it would be up to me to find someone to care for them should the need arise #allthesechoices.  Choosing a dog sitter can be a daunting experience, and sometimes downright scary.  How are you to choose someone that you can rely on to take care of your babies, make sure they are fed correctly, make sure they get any necessary medications, and trust them to take care of your home as well.  Many people rely on people that they know recommending someone they have used and trust.  There are several apps out there that can narrow down the choices, but ultimately, you have to find someone who you trust with your fur baby (babies) #furbabies and your home…

Dog Sitter Apps for Iphone

I with the help of the internet, have come up with a list of the most popular dog sitting apps for the Iphone.

DogVacay is one such popular app that allows for people to search for dog sitters in the area, read reviews, and even schedule meet and greets with potential dog sitters.  It will as well recommend pet friendly places to visit while you are on vacation. has an app as well that will let you put in certain search criteria and find a dog/pet sitter in your area. charges the pet sitters on their websites to have profiles on their pages and offers peace of mind to clients by offering things like easy payments, and insurance on the dogs in your care.

Pawsmate is another app that is available to help you search for dog sitters, dog walkers, trainers, cleaning services and much more. is another website/app that allows the user to sign up and be able to search for pet sitters and also baby sitters and senior or elderly sitters as well. has a website where one can sign up and have an easy way to pay and also track any taxes you should be paying as well.

These apps are all very handy and can direct a flow of traffic to your website/blog/Facebook page etc and having more traffic, in essence you should eventually get a larger #customerbase.

More customers=success measured

Reaching more clients, can and will eventually lead to having a larger #customerbase.  By watching the days on your calendar get booked and the growth in income from your dog sitting business, you will be able to measure growth quite easily.  Happy customers will tell their friends, write positive reviews on your pages, and call you again and again when they travel, these things will bring in new clients as well. of Seattle on Thursday announced a $25 million investment, bringing its total funding to more than $50 million. (Charlotte Observer, March, 2015) According to this article, in the pet sitting and dog walking business “Our biggest competitors today are friends and family and the local kennel,” friends and family seem to be our biggest competition as they will watch a friends or neighbors dogs for free, thus cutting the cost of travel for the pet owner.

Pet Sitter Startups the next success?

Who makes good dog sitter?

A few things to look for in a petsitter….

  • Friendly
  • Fun Loving
  • Calm
  • Respectful
  • Trustworthy
  • Sensitive
  • Flexible
  • Consistent
  • Reliable
  • Genuine Dog Lover (trust me you can tell)
  • Make a connection with your dog immediately

How do you measure your ROI on social media?  Comment below…



9 thoughts on “Paws-a-itively Drooling over Apps

  1. Love your doggie blog! We just started taking our dog to doggie daycare a couple of days a week so he’s not alone and for the socialization. The owner posts a video and some pictures on their FB page each day, which is cool as we get to see our puppy playing. Here is a link to their FB page.


    1. That’s amazing Brenda, I love when people are open and honest about what they do. Check out my facebook page as well.


  2. Barsha, I never judge people who have had bad experiences with dogs. Most dogs are friendly and fun loving, and I am sorry that you had a bad experience that had ruined the bond that you could have had with a great, high-energy dog. Huskies can be temperamental and usually choose one person in a family to bond with. They take someone with strong personalities to handle them and a strong pack leader. They are not for everyone. I do hope that you will give dogs another chance, try attending adoption events and just checking them out and letting them sniff you. Sometimes it just takes the RIGHT dog to bring you back to the sunny side of dog loving!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Shannon,
      Thank you for your advise and I agree. My husky followed my brother everywhere. Their bond was unbreakable. I still remember when he had to be put down my brother was the one who had to make that hard decision. Maybe one day I will find the right dog for me. My older son wants a dog for his 5th birthday (he’s turning 5 in July) and I am not sure if he will get his wish fulfilled yet. Lets hope my perspective about dogs will change soon. Your post has definitely made me think about them a lot lately.


      1. Barsha, go to the pound and find a calm lonely dog to visit, tell the staff what your concerns are and have a visit with one that is calm and lonely, you could do as much good for that dog as he/she can do for you. Make sure that it is one that is calm, maybe you two can comfort each other and the dog will be able to help you overcome your fears 🙂 And this way you will not be locked into anything (before buying) and see how you can handle your fears.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Barsha,
        check out my latest blog on helping you to choose a dog, hope you find it helpful I had you in mind while writing it!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you Shannon! I loved it 🙂 when I get a dog I will definitely share with you.


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